Project New Hope

Offering new hope to veterans and their families through weekend retreats.

At Project New Hope, we are driven by our mission: To provide veterans and their families the education, training and skills necessary to manage their lives after wartime service.

Project New Hope was founded in 2007 by caring individuals who understand that for veterans and their families, wartime doesn’t end the day that soldier comes home. The effects of serving our country in the military are often felt throughout a soldier’s entire lifetime, and can have an impact on each family member as well, often in ways that may be quite subtle or hidden from view.

We realize the process of healing and understanding is a vital component to life success after war. Each family member will deal with what has happened in their own way. Returning solders face the challenge of transition from war footing, to civilian home life. Often, it can seem as though they’re in it alone, as though people expect them to pick up where they’d been, as though nothing had changed during their time away. Spouses may struggle with changes in the home, first with their soldier gone, and then to another set of changes after the return. Children may lack the maturity to independently adjust to the absence of a parent, their return, and the transitions which must take place.

No matter which era a soldier served in – Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan – it doesn’t matter at Project New Hope. All U. S. veterans and their families are welcome. There is no charge associated with Project New Hope retreats, financial concerns will never prevent us from offering our services to soldiers and their families.

If you or someone you know has served our country in times of war, please join Project New Hope for a weekend retreat for the entire family. Come join other veterans and their families, as we all continue on the journey. What happened before was beyond our control…what happens next, is up to you.